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Product Review | Jane Carter Healthy Hair Line

December 5, 2016

It is officially the most wonderful time of the year as we’re wrapping up 2016, and I’m so excited and grateful for all the amazing opportunities this year has brought! One collaboration* I’m especially excited about is with Jane Carter for their new Healthy Hair line. This product line hit stores this summer and even though I had seen their products up and down the aisles of Target and Sally’s over the past couple of years, I had never tested them out before. Everyone has raved about their original hair line and after using their follow up collection, Healthy Hair, I am looking forward to trying more from them! I wanted to do a full few review of all six of the products in this line so below you will find the review along with my talk-through review and tutorial on my YouTube channel.

What Products Are Included
  • Conditioning Co-Wash
  • Detoxifying Shampoo
  • Deep Conditioning Masque
  • Leave-In Conditioner
  • Styling Cream
  • Hair/Scalp Oil


Cleansing & Conditioning Co-Wash
What It Does –
  • Infused with jojoba oil and botanical extracts, this co-wash gently cleanses the hair and scalp
  • Can be used in lieu of a shampoo, working up a creamy, moisturizing lather
Results | Final Thoughts –

This product has amazing slip and truly is a cleansing conditioner as it says. I had a very easy time working this into my scalp and down the shaft of my hair upon the first application and it made my hair very easy to detangle. There is a really generous amount of product in this container so I’m hoping it lasts me a long time but this is definitely one I would repurchase.

Renewable Difference Detox Shampoo
What It Does –
  • Restores shine and detoxifies hair and scalp by removing product buildup
  • Infused with glycolic fruit extracts of sugar maple, orange and lemon giving hair a deep clean
Results | Final Thoughts –

This shampoo smells great but didn’t work as well on my hair as it might on others due to the sulfate derivatives. My hair felt a bit dry and became more difficult to detangle, so for those who are sensitive to sulfates, this is one to skip. If you’re looking for a deep cleansing shampoo after using heavier products in your routine, I would still give this one a try.



Revive & Repair Hair Masque
What It Does –
  • Restores shine, rehydrates and repairs damaged hair
  • Infused with Maracuja & Coconut Oil to penetrate the hair and restore hair strength
Results | Final Thoughts –

This very fragrant deep conditioner smells wonderful and is not overpowering once it’s washed out of the hair. This product went on very lightly on my hair which was very surprising since most deep conditioners I’ve used are typically very thick and heavy. However, the lightness of this product made detangling a breeze and I didn’t need to use it very long to feel the ingredients working. The container suggests 5-20 minutes of sit-time on your hair and then you’re all set. Overall I enjoyed this product and will keep it in my rotation once or twice a month. Because this product contains coconut oil it’s not the best option for protein-sensitive naturals, but is still light enough where you can reap the benefits from using it occasionally.

Slumber Party Creamy Leave-In Conditioner
What It Does –
  • Restores shine, rehydrates and repairs damaged hair while helping detangle strands after washing
  • Infused with Maracuja & Sunflower Oil
Results | Final Thoughts –

This lightweight leave-in conditioner does an excellent job and detangling and moisturizing the hair after washing. It has a good amount of slip and makes hair feel very soft. It doesn’t hurt that it smells amazing too! I definitely enjoyed this product.



Frizz Free Styling Smoother
What It Does –
  • Protects hair from heat while helping control frizz and style curls
  • Infused with Maracuja & Sunflower Oil and Panthenol
Results | Final Thoughts –

This product took a little trial and error for me to fully appreciate! I typically use cream stylers with a hair gel to ensure my curls are super defined, but I quickly learned that this product can define curls all on its own. The ingredients used in this product do not pair well with gel so after leaving that out of the equation, I was able to achieve very full, bouncy curls. This styler gives more of that fluffy style to natural hair than super definition, but it makes hair feel extremely soft and very manageable. There is a good amount of slip to this product, so overall I thought it was very nice and will work well with naturals with 3A-3C hair. For tighter curl patterns, I have a feeling this would be a nice styler for a full, fluffy twist out.

Complex 4 Replenish & Repair Oil
What It Does –
  • Restores shine, seals in shine and hydrates hair
  • Infused with Maracuja, Coconut & Sunflower Oil
Results | Final Thoughts –

This oil is extremely light which has made it a quick staple in my hair routine. It smells great and a little goes a long way so even though the container is smaller than the rest of the line, it is sure to last a long time. I recently used this product using the LCO (leave-in, cream, oil) method and got super shiny, well defined curls and because they were so hydrated, the style lasted even longer than it usually does. I love this oil and would definitely purchase this!

Video Review


Jane Carter did a wonderful job putting this line together and I think there’s something in it for everyone. My top 3 favorites after using out the line a couple of times would have to be:

  1. Cleansing & Conditioning Co-Wash
  2. Complex 4 Replenish & Repair Oil
  3. Slumber Party Leave-In Conditioner (nearly tied with the Styling Smoother)

I want to give a big thank you to Jane Carter for allowing me to try out these products and I look forward to seeing what more they have in store for us! I will be posting an overview of their new men’s line Jane Carter Men very soon for those of you looking for great stocking stuffers for your beau! 🙂


Though products were sent to me, all thoughts and opinions are my own

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