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Top 10 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair

September 3, 2016

The Beginning

I remember the day well when I first decided that I wanted to “go natural”. It was 2014 and I was in La Jolla, California for an extended business project with a couple of coworkers, and we were only a quarter mile from the beautiful La Jolla Cove and beach. The first week we were there the greater San Diego area had been experiencing an unusual heat wave, and for the life of me, my hair would not stay straight for longer than two hours before becoming a frizzy disaster. One day we decided to risk our lives  go snorkeling (resulting in my first and only panic attack), but after pulling myself from the salty ocean water, I noticed a wimpy but trying little curl hanging away from my ponytail. Aww, who’s this? I thought to myself.

After washing my hair that evening, I realized that the salt water had activated some waves that I usually never saw, and it inspired me to attempt to let my hair be in it’s “natural state” for the remainder of the trip – Maybe this could be permanent. Over the next couple of weeks, I wrestled with attempted twist-outs and bantu knots and really started paying attention to how my hair was responding to the newly found moisture and heat-free styling. I realized that I was on to something.



What I’ve Learned

It’s funny looking back on what little progress inspired me at that time, but it truly goes to show that no matter where you are on a journey of any kind, taking small steps toward your goals will pay dividends in the long run. I will go through my full #HealthyHairJourney | #NaturalHairJourney in another post, but after almost two years of trying to treat my hair better, and one full year of not using any heat on my hair, I wanted to provide my top 10 tips that I have for those who are just getting started or maybe just looking to keep their momentum as they continue to embrace their natural hair.

Top 10 Tips for Transitioning

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  • Reply Mariam January 29, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    Hi, does adding gel to transitioning hair affects it?

    • Reply Amina Marie February 6, 2017 at 3:19 pm

      Yes, it helps reinforce the style and hold it for much longer! 🙂

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