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    5 Leave-In Conditioners That Will Cut Your Detangling Time in Half

    May 5, 2016

    For many, there is nothing you anticipate quite like wash day. You almost always know when it’s coming (or when it’s supposed to come), you make sure you’ve got your calendar under control that day, and you’ve confirmed that you can hold that wide open gap in your schedule just for you – and your hair. Sounds familiar. For some lucky people, that gap may sometimes only need to be 30 minutes, but for many of us, we know that 30 minutes may barely be enough time for our deep conditioning treatment to set. Because wash day can be such a major production, any time that we can get back in our lives would be a blessing. After all is said and done – the washing, conditioning, and deep conditioning – how do you follow up your wash routine?  Continue Reading