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    Get the Perfect Eyebrows for Any Occasion

    April 12, 2016

    In 2016, it’s no major secret that a clean, well-shaped set of brows can take your face from yikes! to YESSS! in a matter of minutes. The shape of “ideal eyebrows” has certainly changed throughout the decades, but I feel very confident that this decade we finally have it right, and anyone can achieve a gorgeous set of brows that compliment their unique facial features. The rule of thumb to bear in mind (that applies to just about everything else in life) is, one size does not fit all. However, I wanted to include some helpful guidelines to help you get the best brows for you!

    To preface this tutorial, my eyebrows have been through thick and thin, quite literally, and it took some time to finally accept and fully embrace that my caterpillars were meant to be thick. The goal is to embrace and work with what you’ve got, and thanks to the amazing power of makeup, it’s never been easier!

    1. Finding Your Shape

    The key to a sexy eyebrow shape – gradation! No matter what shape you choose, there should be a smooth transition between the beginning, the arc (if you choose), and the end. Some could argue that this gives a pass to the former, accidentally popular ‘Rainbow Brow,’ but that shape has been sent to the graveyard for the rest of eternity.

    A beautiful eyebrow will begin with:

    • Softer, less bold hair at the the very beginning of the eyebrow
    • The thickest amount of hair in the front
    • A gradual, decisive arch, or a gradually narrowing end
    • A thinner pointed end

    brows_2 assessment

    2. Grooming 

    Well groomed eyebrows can be achieved at home or in a salon. If your eyebrow hair is naturally light and/or sparse, DIY is a very feasible option. All you need is a nice pair of slanted tweezers and a tiny set of scissors and you’re set for the next 10 years. For a little more precision, you can use your own waxing kit (found at just about any drugstore). Manipulation on your part will be fairly minimal – just set a plucking/waxing schedule once every 2 weeks where you will remove the stray hairs that don’t add to your shape, and brush your hairs upwards and over for your desired look and trim any stray hairs that overlap at the top.

    For dark, thicker eyebrows, I recommend putting the fate of your brows in the hands of a professional. I prefer to get my eyebrows threaded because I think it’s the most precise and longest lasting option, but waxing is a fine alternative. Note that when you first begin getting your brows done, it’s going to hurt no matter what, but it will get better over time!

    1. Brow Pencil / Pomade

    Selecting makeup to fill in your sparser areas and give them more definition is the next step to getting great looking eyebrows. Brow makeup is also a great way to disguise hairs if you’re growing out your eyebrows. The important part is to find a color that matches your natural color, but isn’t as dark (bold). Make sure you have a spoolie handy to blend in your brow makeup for the most natural looking effect (Sephora or Ulta will hook you up with their minis for free).

    For Natural Eyebrows go for an eyebrow pencil like: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz ($21)*, NYX Micro Brow Pencil ($9.99), Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil ($3.99).

    For Bold Eyebrows try pomades or gels like: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade ($18)*, NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade ($6.99), ColourPop Eyebrow Pomade ($6).

    2. Concealer

    For a crisp, flawless eyebrow (great for bold brow looks), sweep concealer on a small concealer brush to carve out the outline of your eyebrows for more definition – make sure you blend afterwards!

    1) Angled Brush, 2) Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, 3) Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, 4) Concealer, 5) Concealer Brush

    Using the product listed, below is a step by step tutorial on how I achieve both natural and bold looking brows!



    BolderBrow2 copyFF


    I hope this tutorial helps the next time you’re looking to shape up those eyebrows for your everyday look or a night out! 😉