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    Everything You Need to Know About DevaCurl

    January 28, 2016
    What is DevaCurl?

    By now, most curlies have seen or at least heard of the curl-centered powerhouse, DevaCurl, that has taken the Natural Hair Community by storm over the last couple of years. They are well known for their suds-free hair cleanser ‘No-Poo’ and moisture-rich conditioner ‘One Condition’ (pictured above), and pride themselves on delivering only the good stuff – meaning no silicones, parabens or sulfates in their products. No-Poo is essentially a specially formulated co-wash that focuses on cleansing and moisturizing the hair and scalp rather than stripping hair down like most shampoos.

    In 2015, they crafted a whole new campaign with singer, actress, and fellow #curlfriend Andy Allo as their spokesperson. DevaCurl then launched their ‘Decadence’ line to provide even more moisture and protection to those curls that were in need of a little something extra. For those who were able to get their hands on last year’s curlBOX that I posted about last week, you were able to try out this new line along with their amazing new curl styler, ‘SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler,’ ‘Set It Free’ spray and ‘Ultra Defining Gel’. Now that I’ve had a few months to play around with these products and give them all a fair shot, I wanted to give a review to answer the question on many of your minds – is it really worth the money? Well let’s kick off the review with the intro of Decadence and find out!

    No-Poo Cleanser

    Let me preface by saying all of these products smell absolutely amazing! They’re not overpowering but have a very clean, soothing scent that lasts. No-Poo feels like a light conditioner as you massage it into your scalp but does a very good job of dispersing throughout the hair as you rinse it from your scalp. The ingredients of Chufa Milk, Quinoa and Grapeseed Oil are definitely packed with nutrients that help give curls a little more luster. However, if you are more price-consicious, this $22 product can definitely be replaced with a less expensive cleansing conditioner like Creme of Nature’s Pure-Licious Cot-Wash Cleansing Conditioner ($6) or Cantu’s Sulfate Free Cleansing Cream Conditioner ($6).

    One Condition

    This product is quite simply, bomb. After I finish letting this sit on my hair for 5-10 minutes and begin to comb it through before rinsing, I can feel the texture of my hair changing as it becomes much smoother. This conditioner has the perfect amount of slip even for coarser hair textures, and I notice my curls hold on to each other (clump) in a much more organized fashion than with other conditioners. After drying my hair with a t-shirt I notice that my curls are significantly more defined, and I truly believe it’s due to the moisturizing power of this strong product. If I were to recommend any product from their line, this one may take the cake. But then there’s…

    supercreamSuperCream Coconut Curl Styler

    This styling cream makes me look forward to the days that my transitioning days are over because the definition it provides to my well behaved curls is absolutely amazing. This cream provides medium hold without the crunch, giving your curls a soft, effortless look. Add this to your tresses after applying a light amount of gel and then scrunch from the bottom up and you’re bound to see some fierce looking curls. If you’re still not convinced, scroll through the hashtag #supercream on Instagram and you’ll see some of the gorgeous results from this product. This product comes in at $28 so make sure to do a little more research before diving in if you’re not 100% sold. Transitioners, we may need to hold off for now but we will get here!

    Set It Free and Ultra Defining Gel

    Set It Free hair spray is a curl refreshing spray that is useful for those who are already fully natural and need a quick defining spritz for those stray frizzy pieces. This product is not ideal for those who are  transitioning because protective styles like perm rod and flexi rod sets or twist outs that don’t utilize the hair’s natural curl pattern will be dismantled from the heavy added moisture. If you are fully natural, this product would be a nice addition to your purse’s haircare arsenal and is much more reasonably priced than its predecessors ($8.95).

    The Ultra Defining Gel is unfortunately my least favorite at this point in time because of it’s consistency. Although it provides a nice strong hold, it makes transitioning hair feel very stringy, hard, and over dampened, while not providing a very workable slip. Once again, this product may be better suited for fully natural ladies as its formula provides nondrying, long-lasting results and its consistency allows then product to last a very long time ($8.95).


    All in all, DevaCurl has an amazing line of products and if you’re looking to give your curls the highest quality of care, this is a great place to start! If you’re shopping around for products and find yourself still wondering – is this worth the money? – ask yourself what you’re really looking for and how often you’ll be using the product. The quality of the products you’re using is very important to the overall health of your hair, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend $100 on your shampoo and conditioner alone. If you’re looking for an introductory product to try, I recommend testing out DevaCurl’s One Condition and seeing how it effects your curls – if you love it, try something else the next time you’re in the market for something new! What’s your current favorite hair care line?






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