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    Picking Up The Paintbrush

    December 15, 2015

    Paint-8Art is one of those things that you just can’t avoid when you love it. No matter if you’re in consulting, finance, data analytics, sales or science, it’s one of those things that bleeds out of you in the corner of your notepad or post-it doodles that start to accumulate and remind you that you need a little creative outlet. One random day this year that happened to be the Fourth of July, that feeling overcame me enough that I ran over to Michael’s and perused through a number of canvases, brushes and fine acrylics and had my mind set that on that day – I was going to paint.

    I spent most of my childhood and adolescence doing some form of art, but I have never taken a painting class aside from a fun afternoon at Wine & Canvas with my best friend and her mom a couple years prior. Nevertheless, tackling a new kind of art project just felt right, so I set up my easel, got a little music going and went to work. It was such a therapeutic process and also a very productive way to binge watch a favorite show on Netflix. After the piece was complete, I had established my new hobby.

    I wanted to include a little corner of the blog for art features from not only myself, but other creatives who strive to express themselves and inspire others through their art. If you happen to see some great artwork floating around the ‘gram – be it paintings, illustrations, music, 3D art or otherwise – tag me @aminamarie!

    If you’re interested in a commissioned painting or prints in the future, feel free to shoot me a message!