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    December 14, 2015

    This blog was initially inspired by a need for a creative outlet to share all things beauty, style and art while helping women learn to create a world for themselves that they love and can thrive in. I didn’t exactly know how to typecast a blog like this so I let it sit for several months as I continued to explore the things that I love and find a way to properly share that with a world. On my journey, I began to make a strong connection with the natural hair community as I continued my quest to embrace my experience and the things I cannot change – beginning with my hair (which most women with textured hair can agree, can be a challenging uphill battle). There are so many amazing women who make up this community, and I have become extremely passionate about helping others embrace and love what they were given and make the absolute most of it. From this, I decided to part ways with the need for perfection and am instead embracing all of the ways I can contribute to helping others feel beautiful and empowered along their journey. And thus, the direction of was found, along with my acceptance that this will be an ever evolving blog, but one where you know you can stop in at any time to learn something new – especially in the realm of hair, beauty, life hacks, and art. ♥

    My hopes are that we can keep the conversation going on all social platforms so that I can continue to give you quality content that helps you along the road. Feel free to find me on social media @aminamarie to stay in touch!