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    Slay Your Spring Vacation

    February 28, 2016

    Spring Break 2016 is right around the corner, and though I am no longer blessed with a built-in no strings attached week off, I still love to travel! Two weeks ago, my beau and I took a quick getaway vacation to the beautiful city of San Diego, CA to explore and relax away from Chicago’s bipolar winter. Although I was definitely prepared for this trip, there was one consideration I miscalculated.

    No matter who you are, packing and proper preparation are key for a traveling woman. Getting thrown into a borderline-psychotic packing frenzy is almost expected, but we all know it’s just because it’s important for you to look cute for your entire trip – no guarantees on the flight/ride back though 😉 . Before you set sails for this season’s big vacation, here are some considerations and pointers to help you prepare and slay the whole way through.

    1. Style

    Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 11.32.27 AM

    Packing a few staple items that you can mix and match is key to keep your clothes organized and your bag light(er). I’ve found that the more I pack, the more stressed I am about choosing what to wear each day, so planning your outfits and accessories in advance from a range of comfy-chic to drop-dead gorgeous will give you confidence that you’re going to look amazing each day and night.

    2. Skincare

    By 2016, we all know that a UV-ray induced tan is not worth the price of our health and delicate skin, but there are plenty of other ways to get that sun-kissed glow while keeping your skin protected! BB Cream is a great SPF lotion that protects the face while still giving you light, tinted coverage. If you need a little more coverage when you head out into the sun, grab an SPF foundation, dust on some bronzer and you’re good to go – don’t forget to touch up the rest of your body with a 30+ SPF sunscreen every couple hours. If you plan on getting in the water, swipe on some waterproof mascara, or check out BareMinerals’ Locked & Coated top-coat mascara that turns any favorite mascara waterproof!

    3. Hair

    When you take a vacation, the last thing you want to do is worry about what your hair wants to do that day. This was the only consideration on my last trip that I didn’t think fully through and unfortunately ended up looking like a Chia Pet a time or two. For those of you with frizz-prone hair and warm weather destinations, make sure you’ve overestimated the humidity and come fully prepared to manage your tresses in the most low maintenance way possible – and bring lots of bobby pins!

    Best Low Maintenance Styles
    • Buns, Buns, Buns
      • Don’t forget your edge control, brush, and a good moisturizer to keep your hair from drying out throughout your trip
      • Play around with cute up do’s and master a couple of favorites just in case!
    • Braids
      • If you opt to invest in a braided hairstyle like box braids or , give yourself a week before your trip to get used to the added weight!
    • Sew-Ins
      • Although I haven’t tried this myself, this is a great way to maintain a nice style and protect your natural hair over vacation if you don’t plan on swimming. Some women also opt for wigs rather than extensions for more versatility.
    • Wash & Go’s
      • If you’re confident in your wash & go regimen, rock it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with rocking your natural hair wild and free during vacation, just tuck a few hair ties and bobby pins in your bag just in case things get out of hand.


    I hope this guide helps make your packing and preparation a bit easier! I hope you have a safe and blessed vacation! 🙂


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